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In a bid to save the lives of the people due to a 40 kilometer visible crack across Mt Elgon hiking safari park and check the soaring encroachment, the Minister of Tourism has ordered the encroachers to leave the park immediately or face being forced out by the army and police.

It is the government’s position and policy that all encroachers should leave the park in order to save people living on the slopes of Mt. Elgon safari park from eminent landslides.
It has been reported that local communities have started settling in areas of  Mikoto, Sono, Tsekululu, Namisindwa, Bukokho, and Bumbo ridge and gorge up to the bamboo zone in the park.

“The 40km deepening crack reveals there is looming danger for you people staying around. Uganda Wildlife Authority and geologists have warned people about this. The Uganda Wildlife Authority, local leaders, RDCs have been requested to order people to evacuate from the cliff and gorge forcefully. Nobody should be there.

Scientists have indicated that because of massive encroachment, Mt. Elgon as a water catchment area is facing depletion at a very high rate, the soils are getting lose with cracks across the mountain hiking tour and anytime there will be another Bududa here. Nature has to be saved for conservation purposes and tourism activities in Mt Elgon should not be hindered such activities include cave paintingwaterfalls, days hikes, and others.

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