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The Government will soon start rigorous campaigns to market the country’s tourist destinations like Uganda National parks and conservation sites.

The Uganda tourism, wildlife safari, and antiquities minister will work on this to enable the country to earn more revenue from the sector to finance other development projects.

Kamuntu noted that the capacity of staff would also be boosted to make them well-placed to promote the country’s tourism potential.

He added that discussions with donors for funding the strategy were on-going.

There is a need to transform this economy from underdevelop to the first world, where there is a middle class.

While at the celebrations to mark the golden jubilee of the US aid agency, USAID and volunteer group, Peace Corps, last week at the US embassy in Nsambya in Kampala the Minister of tourism also hailed the US for continued support to government’s development plans. USAID offers Uganda project and budget support.

The US, through USAID, gives Uganda $320m in budget support, of which $31m goes to agriculture and $193m to the fight against HIV/AIDs.

It also contributes to the $600m Peace Recovery and Development Plan for northern Uganda.

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